About Us

The Domestic Abuse Restorative Family Approaches (DARFA) Partnership is a consortium of 3 organisations. We have subscribed to a set of shared restorative and co-operative values and we have agreed to work together, sourcing funding, researching, designing and delivering programmes. In July 2014 we were awarded a competed fund by the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner from the Ministry of Justice. Since March 2015 we have been delivering the Choices for Change programme with the Integrated Family Support Team within Social Services. For further information you can e-mail contactus@darfa.uk

  • I felt my life was all over the place both emotional and feeling drained….I now feel stronger and confident in myself and feel better. I have also had good support and advice from the service” service user

  • Before the service got involved I felt down most of the time and there was a lot going on. I am now feeling a lot happier and my problems are/have been solved.

    I’m also feeling more confident. The service has improved us talking as a family a lot and it is much easier to communicate” service user (14yrs)

  • “I trusted them, and they listened.” Service user

  • “Everyone should have this service. I didn’t feel judged. It helped me to see what I wanted and feel confident about sticking to it. Thank you.” Service user

  • “Choices for Change have worked really well to support the family to figure out where they fit within the expectations from Children’s Services. The service has allowed them to explore and try out change, in a way that they were previously unable to.” IFST Member

  • I believe the service was invaluable to the couple making the necessary positive changes required to ensure the safeguarding of their child and I am aware that the couple are complimentary of the service and thankful for the support they received”  Principal Social Worker